Jumbo Wrap



  • This machine is for packing biscuits on-edge in multiple rows of biscuits, cookies,rusk, etc.
  • The biscuits are fed in magazine and biscuits lugs are separated by auto feeder for formation of multiple rows.
  • Machine can also be equipped with rowcollation system.

User Friendly

  • Wrapper driven by servo motor for ease-in packet length change on HMI.
  • Auto feeder for feeding multiple rows of biscuits.
  • Collation system for multiple rows of biscuits.

Easy operation

  • Ease in cleaning.
  • Product contact part of food grade quality standard.
  • User-friendly HMI operation
  • Packet length adjustment from HMI
  • Auto print correction system and print mark correction by HMI.
  • Temperature control through PLC.


  • Allen-Bradley programmable Automation Controller (PAC)
  • Control panel with Allen-Bradley HMI.

Machine Features

  • Machine is provided with twin reel holder for wrapper reels and facility to correct lateral position of wrapper.
  • Temperature control through PLC. Hence there is no need to maintain temperature controllers.
  • Machine stops always in open condition of end sealing jaws.
  • Arrangement given to adjust packet end sealing in synchronization with wrapper speed.
  • Arrangement for mounting coding unit +positive wrapper feeding arrangement.
  • Packet length adjustment and print mark correction system on HMI.
  • Change over parts for additional varieties of product (optional).
  • Automatic wrapper splicing arrangement (optional).


Cut-off length 120 to 355mm
Reel width 500 mm
Product details   

Mini’ (ninn)

Max. (mm)

Length Width Height
60 70 35
250 140 70
Number of row / Packed 2 Rows to 4 Rows / 5 Rows OPT
Power 5  kW
Speed 42 PPM
Machine Size
Length Width Height
5.0 m 1.9 m 1.8 m
Weight 1500  kg  approx

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